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5 Day Business Reboot Challenge (January 2023)

Join us to supercharge your business in the 5 Day Business Reboot Challenge. If you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, self-employed or home-based business owner, struggling with moving the needle in your business, then you need to join this challenge! 

If you can look me in the eyes (on zoom) after attending all 5 days and tell me you didn't learn something worth at least $17, I will refund your challenge fee - no questions asked. 

Next for Success Accelerator Academy

If you are tired of wasting countless hours and money trying to navigate your business, I invite you to join our NEXT Business Accelerator Academy.  It's training, coaching, step-by-step guides, accountability all rolled up in one! And for a fraction of what you would pay if you tried to accomplish it all on your own! No contract. | Month to Month option or get 2 months free with yearly. 

30 Day Social Media Calendar Prompts with Customizable Graphics Membership

Don't know what to post everyday? This service is is provided to help you get at least 1 daily post made to all your social media sites each month.  It is a month to month membership.  These prompts and image templates will save you hundreds of hours each month, guaranteed! 

The Ultimate Networking Tracker


Whether you network in-person or virtually, this customizable tracker will make your life easier.

You will be able to keep your new & old connections at your fingertips for easy access, note-taking, sorting and follow-up.

Digital Business Binder Template

This template has everything you need to start completing your Digital Business Binder without having to set up the Trello board yourself! Just find YOUR info and add it to the board.  

90 Day Action Plan

Get this 39 page Ebook that outlines what you need to create a 90 Day Action Plan for your business.  Step by step exercises to get you to take action now and create your plan for the next 90 days of success.   Don't wait, the next 90 days could change your business! 

Grow Your List, Ethically

Hire Me To Get You Hundreds To Even Thousands Of Emails, Phone Numbers & Details, Ethically Of ANY Insta Page Followers.

Press Release On Steroids Media Package

Advertise Your Website Across The Internet on High Traffic Blogs, Video Sites, Podcast Sites, SlideShare, News Sites Like NBC, CBS & Google News! 

1:1 Coaching

Need additional help? I love to work 1 on 1 with you and get your moving forward to your next step for success! 

Challenge Launch Crash Course

Join us for a 3 hours ZOOM Workshop to create your perfect Challenge event and have it launched in 30 days! 

Social Marketing Signature Series

This course will help you learn the basics for marketing your business on social media platforms. Not sure which platform(s) are for you? This will help you discover which ones would work best for YOU. And NO you do not need to be on all of them. 

SBVE Fall Recordings + Podcasts (Oct 2022)

Get all 25 recordings from the Small Business Virtual Extravaganza FALL 2022 + 3 BONUS Presentations that were not shown at the Fall SBVE

Lots of great nuggets for business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals! 

SBVE Spring Recordings + Podcasts (April 2022)

Get all 25 recordings from the Small Business Virtual Extravaganza Spring 2022 + 2 BONUS Presentations not played at SBVE. 

Lots of great nuggets for business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals! 

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